1st Edition
The Combination Products Handbook:  
A Practical Guide for Combination Products and Other Combined Use Systems
Edited by Susan Neadle (c)2023.

Contributing Authors:
John Barlow Weiner (FDA Office of Combination Products); Susan Neadle (CP Consulting Services)(retired, Johnson & Johnson); Suzette Roan (Sanofi); Mike Wallenstein (Novartis); Rick Wedge (Pfizer); Ed Bills (Ed Bills Consulting); Shannon Hoste (Agilis); Stephanie Canfield (Agilis);
Bjorg Hunter (Novo Nordisk); Theresa Scheuble (Johnson & Johnson); Kim Trautman (MediCept); Meera Raghuram (Lubrizol); Fran DeGrazio (retired, West); Jennifer Riter (West); Daniel Bantz (retired, West); Manfred Maeder (Novartis); Stephanie Goebel (Beyond Conception GmbH); Viky Verna (Confinis); Cherry Marty (Confinis); Dhiraj Behl (PPD)
The Combination Products Handbook:  A Practical Guide image